Our People
Our IT consultants are truly outstanding. They have backgrounds with top global IT solution providers and Fortune 1000 firms as well as the pragmatism borne of experience in the industry. They are committed, energetic, and adaptable. And our clients love working with them.

Our Projects
We work with many of the largest and most dynamic companies in the world. We have delivered multiple IT projects in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Java, e-commerce, Cloud, and Mobility applications, working in all major industries and regions.

Working with Us
The relationship we have with our consultants is the core of what makes Nitrotech unique.
Our consultants are all independent: they are free to choose to work with us, or not, on every project.

For you, as a consultant, this means genuine control over the type and timing of the work you do, and for us, as an organization, it builds an obligation to put you into successful situations that meet your aspirations, both professionally and personally.

  • We value all your experience.
  • We recognize that strong teammates make all the difference, in our teams, you will be working with colleagues of similarly exceptional caliber.
  • We provide you with the required tools, enabling you to focus unencumbered on client work.