Grappling with high operational costs? Still pondering about which transformational technologies you should invest your capital to stay ahead of a learning curve? How to diligently manage cash stream, decrease carrying costs of inventory, and improve customer support and sales service? How to gain strong traction across your supply chain?

If these are your business challenges – they are definitely not just about the cost. It’s about improving your business processes while streamlining them and addressing operational woes. By outsourcing BPO services to a reliable BPO call center service partner, you can drive desired business results.

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What is business process outsourcing (BPO)?
Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the allocation of one or more business processes to a third party service provider who possesses, governs and manages the selected processes based on well-defined and quantifiable performance metrics. The best BPO companies’ offerings are classified into two major groups: horizontal offerings (these can be leveraged across explicit industries) and vertical offerings (these require explicit industry vertical process expertise).

Why outsource BPO services?
The key driving factors that led to BPO companies outsourcing waves are:

  • A dearth of expert-labor in some segments of the business process
  • An economical availability of workforce without comprising on the service quality
  • More probability to focus on the other crucial business processes
  • Helps you improve your overall business operations and process

Our BPO Services Methodology
We, at Nitrotech, work in close cooperation with clients to strategically plan and devise result-oriented business process outsourcing methodology. Our process:

Engage closely with clients to map their expectations and design an effective process model

Creation of program blueprint, while identifying and gauging probable risks and mitigants at every stage. An optimal solution, recruitment plan, and other such mission-critical plans are clearly outlined.

Checkpoint 1:
Expected results of the Collaborate and Architect stages are reviewed collectively by Nitrotech team of experts and the client to ensure plan blueprint is in line with a business objective and process transparency.

Key focus on the infrastructure and resource readiness for information transfer and subsequent operations. This phase also involves finalization of a training process.

In this phase process knowledge is diligently imparted to the team, thereby ensuring each team member is trained meticulously. Plus, service levels metrics are concluded and regulatory compliance is agreed upon as well as executed during this stage.

Checkpoint 2:
This evaluation process primarily focuses on infrastructure and resource readiness before going live.

After the process goes live, the focus is to ensure that the process is going on smoothly, and loopholes related to the process are immediately detected and resolved.

Checkpoint 3:
After the first 4 to 6 weeks (or as decided) of process delivery, an in-depth process evaluation is carried out to check the current status and progress of the live process and is handed over to the Operations team.

Why choose Nitrotech for BPO Services?
Nitrotech is one of the leading BPO outsourcing companies delivering business value through result-oriented business process outsourcing solutions to organizations across different industry verticals.

We collaborate to assist you in clearly defining a far-reaching spectrum of quantifiable business results like augmented sales, improved customer satisfaction, higher market share, and improved productivity and more. Our BPO outsourcing solutions coupled with deep industry insights, operational excellence, and holistic approach to client engagement and comprehensive service offerings enable us to deliver services beyond expectations.

Some of the key differentiators that make us different from rest are:

  • Higher resolution rates
  • Domain expertise with a prime focus on explicit industry verticals, right from technical support services to business process outsourcing solutions.
  • A dedicated team of well-trained and professional call agents and technical experts
  • Next-generation capability based on customer and industry requirements and usage of scalable, innovative solutions including process automation, pioneering business platforms that work seamlessly with existing IT landscape and emerging technology assets.
  • Maintain complete transparency in all BPO outsourcing processes
  • 24X7 operations through a uniform global process with multi-lingual support.

Are you thinking to maximize your customer satisfaction, and gaining a competitive edge over your competitors? Contact our online representative to know more about business process outsourcing (BPO) services now!