Business Development

Business Development Solutions has the tenure, staff, and experience to get any project developed, branded, and marketed. We believe in leading the pack in web technologies, which is why our clients have been so successful.  Read More

Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO)

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the allocation of one or more business processes to a third party service provider who possesses, governs and manages.  Read More

Backend Support

The Back-End Administrative Personnel are the backbone, working behind the scenes, keeping the wheels going with the daily operations of the business.  Read More


The term “payroll” actually refers to the list of employees that receive compensation from a company. However, most companies generally use the term to refer to the money that is paid to the employees or the records that detail how much each employee has made.   Read More

IT Solutions

Nitrotech IT models will help the business team to take effective decisions to compete for the business challenges in the competitive world.  Read More


Nitrotech will provide you with the best information you need to choose the best solution for your project budget, timeframe, and current technology.  Read More

Business Analysis

Business analysis (BA) is defined as the “set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies"  Read More