Nitro Tech Solutions specializes in four core technologies. These core technologies guide and direct us. They are the litmus test for determining what business opportunities we will accept and what opportunities we should reject. Our consultants then provide services that apply our core technologies to solve business problems. We specialize in the following technologies:

  • Web – Technologies that use the World Wide Web to communicate information and to conduct business. (e-commerce, e-mail, web pages, portals, web testing)
  • Mobile Computing – Technologies that use mobile computers, PDA’s and cell phones to communicate information and conduct business.
  • Information Integration – Technologies used to share information between dissimilar systems and various distributed operating units within a company. (Networking, messaging systems, storage management, virtual repositories)
  • Relational Database – Technologies that store and manage corporate information and knowledge.

Our wide array of IT Consulting solutions services include a range which includes

SKU Metrics

Pricing/ Promotion Updates

Site Update & Maintenance

Sales Channel Management

Digital Marketing

EDI Integration